Media Clips Needed

Dear brethren around the world,

The General Conference Session is soon approaching and we are looking forward to see many of you at the Spiritual Meetings planned to be September 10-13, 2015 in Roanoke, Virginia (Salem Civic Center).

Nevertheless, we know that some of you will not be able to attend and this is why we are planning to provide a live video feed from the conference location. We are also aware of time zones issues and we would like to run this program without interruption for the whole duration of the Spiritual Meetings so that people on different time zones can tune in at any time of the day and follow the same program. Further information will be provided as the year progresses.

We are hoping for your support for this work. There are many ways in which you can help. Your prayers of course will be helping us tremendously. We are also looking for volunteers as you have seen previously in another circular letter.

But we especially appeal to all the Media Department of local churches, Fields or Unions and every individual willing to help. We need clips and short HD videos in the highest possible quality, presenting the gospel work in your area, showing the particularities of our church in your country and introducing us to your local church. You could also film your choir as they rehearse for the GC Spiritual Meetings. Short sermons are also acceptable but they are not what we need the most.

Here are the minimum technical characteristics of your footage:

• Your footage can either be already edited or you can make it available for editing.
• HD 1080p will be ideal. 720p is good as well. Please use a 16/9 ratio for any lower quality.
• Whether you use a high-end equipment or a mobile device like iPhone, Android, etc, make sure you steady your device by placing it on a tripod or something similar.
• If your video file is less compressed, we will be able to edit it and work with it. Do not hesitate to send us large files, we prefer those.
• All the materials used in your composition needs to be free of right (royalty free) or you must detain a valid license and be allowed to let us use it. If you use any kind of music, make sure it is also free of right.
• If you do use music in the background of your video, we trust that you will use appropriate music. The same goes with clothing.
• If you film people, make sure you obtain their consent before sending us a video.
• There will be an upload form asking you to send us basic information about you (the sender) and about the file. Where it was taken, when, at what occasion, etc.

We will draw from a selection of what you have sent and will show the best to all our members and interested people around the world that will tune in.

Here is a page where you can upload your content: or click on the upload button on the top right corner of this website.

We suggest that every geographical region of our church provides for 3 to 5 hours worth of good content. We would prefer short films instead of longer videos but feel free to submit what you think will be best. English should be the language of your video. If not, please provide separate file with subtitling in English (i.e.: not hard coded onto the video).

We also appeal to all our official church institutions (schools, health center, retirement homes, etc) to please provide us with some video content, presenting their work and how it fulfils God’s command.

We need all the videos uploaded by the last week of June 2015 so that we have some time to review, select, edit and prepare your material for online diffusion. We cannot guarantee that a video submitted later will be used.

We trust that you will be able to help tremendously. Your video can make a difference! Share your experience, show us the blessings of God in your country and our brethren! We are available for any technical question you may have:

The GC Media Committee Team


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